- Deep Is Our Religion -
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Because we are one - because we all are human beeings. Surrounded by ads, systems, products, social networks, religion, politics, friends, visuals and many more, all of us are kind of distorted by our enviroment. This kind of distortion often makes it difficult for us to be just ourselves. I made the experience, that music is one of the few things in life to pass all those selfmade borders and come together. Music is a language, music is a world without borders. It is giving us an impulse to share our passion, independent from culture, language, religion and political interests - thats why i make, and thats why i love music.


In 2017 I founded the deep tech project Distorted:Society. Particularly impressed by the legendary open air festivals of my current hometown Berlin (GER) and in contrast, foggy Berlin autumn nights, I started to produce music in 2009, in 2010, I began to DJ. Known as 'Stets&Staendig', since 2013, several publications have been released and remixed by locally well known producers like Hermann Hellwig, Bin Okin or FirleFranz. As a DJ, I played in different locations: 'Burg Schnabel', 'LichtPark', 'Kosmonaut', 'M*M*', 'Czar Hagestolz' and more.
In 2017 I also joined the Berlin based label Klangkost - a locally well known label for various types of high quality underground house music.
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30.12.17TBATBA (Berlin)
16.12.178 Jahre KlangkostSecret Location (Berlin)
15.12.17Beak FactoryBurg Schnabel (Berlin)
30.09.17Happy Birthday Bin OkinMinimalbar (Berlin)
18.08.17Grinsen 2.0Weißer Hase (Berlin)
14.07.17Ein Herz für Hänger @ KosmonautKosmonaut (Berlin)
16.06.17Klangkost SommerfestM***** M**** (Berlin)
30.04.17Tanz in Den MaiM***** M**** (Berlin)
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